BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

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Diagnosing Conflict caused by the BP rig explosion of spring 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico and analyzing it through the Triangle of Satisfaction was a challenging endeavor. Looking through the eyes of BP, the State of Louisiana and the US Federal government I first identified the motivating factors from each perspective. British Petroleum BP is a powerful mega-organization, with a business model that reports “their belief of achieving sustainable success as a group, is to act in the long term-term interest of our shareholders, our partners and society”. I would just like to note that society is the last rung on the bottom of the ladder. “They aim to create value for our investors and benefits for the communities and societies in which we operate, with the responsible supply of energy playing a vital role in economic development.” ( business model.html). The Gulf spill is not an unforeseeable accident nor the direct result of a couple of bad judgments made by a few people that control the organization and the federal bodies charged with oversight. For the sake of argument, I will say, the spill is the results of poor judgment, technological ineptness and lack of oversight by regulatory offices, as well as, the direct failure to take safety into account. BP’s motivating factor is money and stopping the leak at least possible cost. As a mega-business at work, their purpose is to find oil and gas, developing and
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