BP Oil Spill

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The Deep Horizon oil spill caused by British Petroleum (BP) changed the entire economy of the Gulf of Mexico. Approximately 5 million barrels of oils was released from the spill caused by an explosion in the oil platform. The explosion was caused by negligence by BP. In the New York Times article, BP Shortcuts Led to Gulf Oil Spill, Report Says, it states the central problem was with the cement at the base of the well escalating into human and mechanical errors which led to gas to shooting up to the platform and exploding causing a fire that killed 11 people. It took about 87 days to stop the flow of the well but the mess of the event is still affecting many people who inhabit the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and those who use the Gulf as a…show more content…
During the time of the spill many sections of the Gulf was closed off from any type of fishing and seafood farms which decrease commercial production by 20% which caused immediate hardship for fishermen(National Academy Of Sciences). Currently the effects of the oil spill on the ecosystem and the species that inhabit it is being evaluated for changes and harmful effects, but it will still take many more year to find any definite results. Signs that have been shown of the negative effect on the species of the Gulf are the decrease in the amount of fish and seafood being caught compared to years before. In Alabama and Mississippi, the amount of shrimp, oyster, and crabs caught was down by 30% then before the spill (Burdeau). The spill also caused many people to not want to buy any types of seafood and fish from the Gulf because of the likelihood of it being affected by the oil (National Academy of…show more content…
The oil affected multiple industries that are prevalent in the Gulf that are still recovering or still facing the problem the spill caused. In 2012 it was calculated that the economy was doing great because of the influx of people to help with the cleanup effort and the 6 billion BP gave for the spill was more than the 700 million revenue lost from the fishing and tourism for that year but those costs do not take in count the long-term problems the spill has had on the economy of the Gulf (Amadeo). The economy is slowly recovering since the spill but in certain industries it is still struggling to regain its formal glory. The only solution to improve the economy is to advance cleanup efforts help get rid of the remaining effects of leftover oil and give more money to research that studies the effect of the oil spill on the ecosystem, so we can know the full extent of the

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