Essay on BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

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An oil spill of 4.9 million barrels, which happened in 2010, created not only turmoil for the environment, but caused the economy to take a great hit from the loss of an important raw material. Transocean were the owners of the oil rig drilling on behalf of BP, who were the ones at fault for the spill. This event caused a stir in both the government and non-governmental organizations, because of the extensive damage that it caused. Federal investigations were put under way to determine the factors that caused the spill and once the investigation was concluded several environmental groups began to target the company to portray them as negligent. BP became the sole recipient of both the government and environmental organizations…show more content…
The first step begins with geologists and geophysicist exploring areas around which they might consider drilling in order to examine rocks, the formations they make to the earth, and they type and shape of the subsurface of the rock. They also use aircrafts that are able to measure the gravitational pull, and acoustic surveys to receive pictures of the layering of the earth through the use of sound waves. Once all assessments have been completed and “experts have been consulted, the risks have been assessed, the environmental studies have been carried out and the data has been compiled into workable maps of the exploration site, it’s time to send in the drilling crew” (BP, 2013, para. 1). The decision to drill is not a hasty one and once it is decided, drilling in the ocean is a more difficult task when attempting to maintain an oilrig in place with the currents and waves. As many precautions as possible is taken before the drilling actually begins and when it does, BP is concerned with using the best type of technology in order to maintain a safe environment. Because of the gravity of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the enormity of the situation, the government was obliged to step in and investigate. According to Ososfky, “the spill takes place at the intersection of legal regimes governing offshore activities and those governing oil spills and other disasters.
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