BP's Share in the World Energy Market

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Its major business operations include the refining and promotion of chemicals and power generation resources. It is also specialized in energy production through wind power and bio-fuel technology. BP is the third largest energy production company in the world and the fourth largest company in the overall world market. BP operates in more than 90 countries with almost 22,000 service stations. The company has the largest business setup in the United States where it is one of the top market leaders in the energy production industry.
Major Business Operations

BP is mainly engaged in the production and marketing of all types of energy products including oil, gas, and petroleum. It discovers the energy resources in potential geographical locations and uses them in its production units to bring the refined energy products for the general consumers. The production units of BP are present in more than 30 countries while the distribution of the finished products is done in around 90 countries in all the corners of the world. The company has a large scale operations related to refining of petroleum and oil products. It also has a large supply chain network spread in all the major geographical regions of the world which is responsible to deliver…

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