BRADBY LINDSAY COM295 Ethics Credibility In Business Communications

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Unethical or Ethical?: That is the question
Lindsay Bradby
June 22, 2015
Jerry Tuttle
Unethical or Ethical?: That is the question

Since the dawn of Facebook, the question of if the company is ethical or not has definitely been one that has been under great debate. There are some individuals that feel it is just another tool to give the government as well as other people, in general, an avenue to spy on the majority of our population with. Are you a Facebook user? Why do you use it? Do you find yourself looking up people you do or don't know personal pages?
After reading the article, "Experimental Evidence of Massive-scale Emotional Contagion Through Social Networks" published last week in The Proceedings of the National
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The researcher is responsible for making sure all participants are properly consented. In many cases, study staff will verbally go through lengthy consent forms with potential participants, point by point. Researchers will even quiz participants after presenting the informed consent information to make sure they really understand." Arthur, C. (2014, June 30).
At minimum, Facebook needed to inform their users they were going to be manipulating their emotions and conducting an experiment. While utilizing their presence on the social media website, and their incoming interaction with other users interacting with their page, without their permission. Facebook says that the effect wasn't large - but it was obviously large enough for the authors to publish the study in a major science journal. T he company has argued that the study was permissible because the website's data use policy states, "we may use the information we receive about you...for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement," and that "we may make friend suggestions, pick stories for your News Feed or suggest people to tag in photos." With the single word “research", Facebook feels they have the right to conduct "research". And experiment with our emotions without continued consent, knowledge, or education on what they will be doing or how the

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