BRI Case Study

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The BRI can anticipate many obstacles that could stall or prevent implementation and ultimate success. China must effectively manage to appease a plethora of different players, governments, priorities and interests in the region. This requires an extravagant level of regional expertise and knowledge to manage projects in so many different places that it largely lacks right now. In many countries, China will face political instability, poorly governed states, popular backlash and social/political opposition in the regions is likely overtime. Uncertainty will transpire as leadership inevitably changes hands across the region and in China before the project is complete. The ambitiousness of the BRI poses a high economic risk for China and…show more content…
China’s strong political connections on the government level have been useful for its economic activity in partner countries. However, in other countries China’s bilateral relationships have weakened at the local level. Beijing’s past difficulties investing in infrastructure abroad, especially through bilateral arrangements, suggest that many of the proposed projects might end up as expensive boondoggles. Given Chinese construction companies’ poor track record operating in foreign countries (including frequent mistreatment of local workers), a major increase in the scale of their external activities increases the risk of damaging political blowback that could harm Beijing’s image or lead to instability in host countries, especially if efforts do not create lasting benefits for local economies. Enhanced regional connectivity could increase the likelihood of the consequences of poor conduct abroad finding their way back to China.
Many countries are concerned about the geopolitical impact of the BRI. Although Beijing has stressed the “win-win” potential of the initiative, its efforts will impact key regional
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