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Task 1. (a) Dave has identified the problems with the current administration system. You will now need to identify five (5) priority issues, requirements for or modifications to, the People First administration system. 1) People First Pty Ltd need to Install new database system or update database system. The present system is not enough for their business operation and business growth is about to exceed the capacity of the database. 2) People First Pty Ltd need to business support system for resource, HR, accounting, marketing Etc. (e.g. ERP System). There is no reporting that a system produces for management to thoroughly review business operations. Therefore they need to business support system that monitoring to their business…show more content…
• Create a system manual and work procedures for staff for them to adapt with the new programming system and give regular training with the IT technician or administrator. Have them to analyse the system and find its problem then be in ready hands for an immediate update. ► Define and communicate procedures associated with transitioning to the new system • Open up coping consideration for systems of behaviour and process during change. • Minimize friction from the unexpected. • Prepare the implementation team to overcome the forces resisting the change. ► What contingencies (unforeseen events) could impact on effectiveness or practicality for the implementation of the new system? • Loyalty of Existing systems • An unexpected costs • System failure • Staff work has gone off during change a new system. Task 3 (a) Dave has identified that currently the system for reporting, accounting and policies and procedures are inefficient. Explain why it is important that you have a system that allows Penny and Dave to produce valid reporting and to monitor the system for usage, security and output. In the modern business today, there is no more manual accounting. Instead a lot of companies and businesses all over the world are trying to use and adapt by having an accounting system that is computerised, less hassle and fast processing. One of the benefits of having an

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