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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program Your Name BSA/375 Current Date Instructor Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program Introduction: The process management at Kudler Fine Foods desires for ongoing progress and also growth and this must be designed in a manner in which reduces risks. Here are several guidelines to reaching that long lasting goal regarding progress and accomplishment of Kudler Fine Foods. Using a mixture of the a few different methods gives Kudler Fine Foods the best chance of a prosperous growth ("Kudler Fine Foods", 2011). Scope and Stakeholders Kudler Fine Foods wants to develop a system to track customer purchases through a Frequent Shopper Program to award loyalty points for redemption.…show more content…
By Kudler Fine Foods adding the frequent shopper program this can only be enhanced. Their employees have to be trained on all areas of the frequent shopper program. They will need to know this so that they can explain to customers how to use it, how they can sign up for it, and the benefits to the customers for being a part of this program. The employees will also need to let the customers know that their information will be kept safe and confidential from all outsiders. The frequent shopper program will be able to reward the customers that buy higher price items better. This will give Kudler a chance to target these items to be sold more and build better profits. I feel for the project to be successful the team should stay on track with our deadlines and stay within the budget. Kudler Fine Foods has a precise timeline that needs to be met and has a definite budget to keep. The project will be successful if we stay within plan that has been set. The team will be in charge of programming, implementing, handling the design, training, and supporting of the system. By giving customers a physical reward for shopping with Kudler Fine Foods, customers all more likely to shop with Kudler more often. The primary expenditure of the system will be outweighed by the gain of frequent shoppers and fresh new customers. The market research on this project has proved that the profit will exceed the project possibility. The program is anticipated to be a

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