BSA 385 Week 3 Individual Assignment Essay

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Technical Article Document: Frequent Shopper Program BSA385 Frequent Shopper Program: Technical Article Document Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a specialty food store chain in California. Smith Systems Consulting (SSC) was contacted by KFF to develop a Frequent Shopper Program (FSP). The FSP will be able to monitor client purchasing history and accumulate the history as redeemable loyalty points which clients can use for gift items and other products or services available through external partner companies. The Sales and Marketing page section of KFF’s intranet site describes the strategic purpose of the FSP. SSC will provide IT services and of course consulting. Some other things would be developmental solutions, strengthening,…show more content…
Figure 3 Logical Data Flow Diagram for FSP Redemption Process Figure 4 Physical Model of Frequent Shopper Program Hardware The hardware requirements are crucial to the system development, consisting of physical servers and other peripherals. These components are the legs and limbs of the system. The hardware section of the system will accept input, and process the input in a way specified by the design, and returns an output (Blundell, 2008). Centralized Data Management System and Database Server Hardware – This will be the central server in which data gathered by the tracking software will be uploaded to and downloaded from. All locations will have access to this hardware to share valuable customer information. This server will be used for customer data verification as well. It will also be the central sever in which data such as rewards program, points, purchases will be stored. The local database servers will have an Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 2TB of storage to handle all the extra load and processing, while the central database server will have 4TB of storage. Backup Servers – Each location will have a local backup storage to ensure that customer information is safe, and can be retrieved in case of connectivity issues such as broadband connection problems. Backup servers will only need little processing power so an Intel Core 2 Duo will

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