BSB124 Portfolio I

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BSB 124Working in Business
Semester 1 2015

Assessment Item No. 3
Reflective Portfolio
Part I



Table of Contents
Table of Contents ii
1.0 Introduction 1
2.0 Intrapersonal effectiveness 1
2.1 The traits of personality in Big Five 錯誤! 尚未定義書籤。
2.2 Analysis and Reflection of Results 1
2.3 Goal Setting 1
3.0 Conclusion 1
List of references 1

1.0 Introduction
Personality and aptitude tests are imperative in order to understand ourselves and allow people a way to classify different traits that might not be realized. These tests can be done and used so that people can rediscover and improve through self-reflection,
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2.3 Goal Setting
SMART goal stands for:
S- specific, stretching, significant
M- measurable, motivational, meaningful
A- achievable, acceptable, attainable
R- relevant, realistic, reasonable
T- timely, time-bound, tangible
It provides a definition that assists people to be successful in personal life and business situations and learning curves.
The main objective is to develop the less and low scoring optimal learning styles. I expect to achieve the goal within one and half year. If I want to improve my style as an Goal Oriented Achiever or Emotionally Intelligent Achiever learner, I will need to focus on those points below:
1. Allow myself time and opportunity to reflect on past experiences and dreams for the future.
2. Plan beforehand and be the first, which will encourage goal development.
3. Aim not to limit my focus to only those similiar problems of direct concern.
4. Allow myself to focus on understanding situations; instead of using all my energy into making certain things happen.
5. Set hard but also achievable goals and allocate my resources towards realizing them.
6. Read more books.
7. Try to see the value in understanding abstract concepts and arguments.
8. Understand that avoiding control is not an adaptive learning style as the long-term consequences are seldom positive.
9. Develop a scientific and logical
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