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BSBLED501A Develop a Workplace Learning Environment – Task 1 Learning at Work Questionnaire Name Position What led you to your current position in this organisation? What tasks do you perform regularly in your role? How did you develop the skills required for your current position? (Mentoring/On the job training/Manuals etc) What resources to you rely on to complete these tasks? (Computers/Phones/Tools/People) Do you experience any recurring problems/issues when using these resources to complete your work? How effective do you feel your job training has been? What sort of training would enhance your skills required to carry out your job? How many years have you been in the workforce? Have you undertaken formal training in any areas…show more content…
 Ask PM is he feels more confident to perform the task without guidance  How often is PM accessing the production manual compared to how often he was accessing it previously? Barriers  Resistance from PM to change his behaviour of going to senior staff member to help him perform the task rather than using the production manual as his reference because asking the Senior staff member is quicker and easier in the short term.  Senior staff member needs to refer PM to production manual rather than ‘do his work for him’ because it is quicker.  Availability of production manual to PM – Must always be accessible.  Ease of use of the production manual – The process must be laid out in a way that PM can easily follow it. Cost  ½ day wages of PM to go through his current production process with Production Coordinator  ½ day wages of Production Coordinator to step through PM’s current process and document the areas he has trouble following in the Production Manual  Materials required (binders/paper/plastic pockets) to update production process in production manual and provided accessible copy of production manual on factory floor for PM. Responsibilities  Project Coordinator – DE  Document PM’s current difficulties in performing this task – PM/DE  Update Production Manual – PM/DE  Ensure production manual is accessible for PM – DE  Refer PM to production manual rather than do his work for him – All production staff  Monitor

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