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Why is it necessary to consult relevant groups and individuals about the work to be allocated and the resources they will need?
Because it is essential that the correct resources are put into place in order to operate successfully. It's important to find the best methods of distribution, disbursement, and management of resources. It's also important to track the resources to determine whether their need is relevant and cost effective. By consulting with individuals it gives them ownership, allows them to contribute, and makes them aware of the goals and targets.

What resources might be required in a business organisation?
- Human resources.
- Educational/training resources.
- Financial resources.
- Physical resources / equipment and
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By analysing the job descriptions and performance you can then better determine the type of resources required and the demand of them that's needed. It will also identify areas that are in excess, or in need of, labor, products, and equipment.

Explain what a contingency plan is and the important aspects of contingency plan development.
Contingency plans are plans developed for the worst case scenario. They are put in place to eliminate disruption in production if something were to go wrong. It is important to develop contingency plans to enable quick reactions to business threats and possible loss of time, profit, production, stock, relationships, etc. Plans should be developed with the thought that something definitely will go wrong.
Should a contingency plan not be created, catastrophic results may occur. It’s evident that every day will not be the same and the likelihood of unforeseen events are typical to take place. Risk identification is a major step in the production of the plans. There may be a history of an issue that needs to be looked at. You may need to create a potential issue and work through the consequences of this happening. There may even be known problems that you are expected to face. It’s important to look at all scenarios and be ready for the worst.

Why is it necessary to ensure that performance management and review processes are consistent with organisational objectives and policies?
To ensure accurate representation of what

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