BSBMGT502B Webinar 2 Essay

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Assessment 3 Case Study – BSBMGT502B This is Assessment 3 for this Unit In this Webinar we will cover:  The situation that happened leading up to the dismissal of Sam  The unfair dismissal claim  Discussion on the judgement  What could have been done to avoid the situation  What should be done in the future to avoid such a situation Summary  Sam (Samantha) is a programmer.  She has missed deadlines.  She is not familiar with the new programming language.  As Sam’s manager you have been managing her more effectively.  In a meeting with Sam to discuss her not meeting her latest deadline she:  Physically struck you,  walked out of the office, and  has not returned. Summary (continued)  Sam contacted her Doctor after the…show more content…
Assessment (continued) In your report:     Critically analyse the case and develop a discussion paper (report) as to why the organisation lost the case. Your analysis should include a risk analysis of the case and strategies to mitigate future risks should similar situations arise Using examples from Sam’s case, describe the conditions under which misconduct and serious misconduct may be deemed to exist List any legislation that applies and any internal policies and procedures that may have applied in situations similar to Sam’s case Discussion Examples of risks identified:  Lack of, or no disciplinary or termination process followed  Solution: access to relevant policies and procedures  No meeting notes recorded or discussions  Solution: access to relevant policies and procedures  No records of verbal warnings placed on HR information system  Solution: documenting meetings, coaching sessions, verbal and written warnings with the Human Resources department Discussion Examples of risks identified (continued):  No development or training plans put in place  Solution: providing documentation of training plans  No consultation from Human Resources personnel or senior managers  Solution: knowledge of when to involve Human Resources

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