BSBMGT617A Develop and implement a business plan Essay

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Business Plan ProFound Marketing Consultancy Sydney, Australia November 3, 2013 Table of Contents Sl# Section Page no. 1.0 Overview 3 1.1 Vision 3 1.2 Mission 3 1.3 Objectives 3 1.4 Values 3 2.0 Market Requirements & Customer Profile 4 3.0 Services 5 4.0 Pricing Strategy 5 5.0 Resource Requirements 6 5.1 Financial & Physical 6 5.2 Human 7 6.0 Legislative Requirements 7 7.0 Stakeholder Consultation 7 8.0 30 day Start-up Action Plan 8 9.0 Business Performance Monitoring Plan 8 9.1 Key Performance Indicators 8 9.2 Ratios 9 References 10 Appendices – A, B & C 13-14 1.0 Overview ProFound Marketing Consultancy (PMC) is a startup partnership between Mr. AB Ace and Mr. PQ Perfect. It will provide business…show more content…
However, at this stage, they need effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies and plans to survive and grow. They usually do not have big budgets, and are often less experienced in the modern ways of marketing. However, they spend a larger portion of their revenues (17.8%) on marketing (Moorman 2012). Being a start-up firm with low overheads, PMC can empathize with the challenges being faced by the smaller businesses, and provide tailor-made services at reasonable price. It can also connect at a personal level with the founders to understand their vision for the business. The consultancy market is highly competitive with both freelancers and big agencies targeting the SMBs. PMC will attempt to differentiate itself with customized professional services and innovative ideas which use appropriate data and market intelligence. The personalized approach will make the client get maximum attention from the best professionals in the firm. 3.0 Services PMC will provide its consultancy services for Brand Development, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Market Surveys & Research and creation of Advertising Material like Brochures. The firm will specialize in online marketing / branding, especially using the power of social media and leveraging other emerging trends. Based on the requirement of the client, the firm will offer its advice and / or create marketing strategies, implementation plans, campaigns

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