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The company’s overall international marketing plan and strategy

Sales & Marketing Strategy

With a complete emphasis on quality, the primary 80 ha Watershed vineyard, 201 megalitre dam, modern cellar door facility, ultra-modern 1,800 tonne wine production facility, 1,500 square metre barrel store, 1,000 square metre fully airconditioned wine storage facility and Watershed's award winning 200 seat restaurant & cafe make Watershed Premium Wines a development of 'world class' standing.

To complement these outstanding facilities, the Sales & Marketing Strategy is designed to ensure that award-winning Watershed Premium Wines reach the most discerning consumer.

Export Strategy

With the slow growth in domestic wine sales, accompanied by an
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Australia was the fourth largest exporter to China by value in 2004 - with almost 9% market share of the imported category - and the fifth largest by volume.
Distribution is a key to success in China. Recent economic growth has improved the distribution networks, particularly around the major urban areas with the construction of roads, highways and infrastructure.
China has been moving to a market-based economy since 1978, and a relaxation of central control over certain aspects of the community has helped it become the largest developing economy and the second largest economy in the world when measured by Purchasing Power Parity.
Economic growth has been concentrated in the major urban centres and coastal regions, including Beijing in the North, Guangdong in the South and Shanghai in the East. The national average wage in 2004 was AUD $2,690 but regional variations are considerable, with up to twice that amount earned in the major urban cities such as Beijing and Shanhai.

Analyse the range of marketing activities
Marketing activity
Product placement in entertainment
Newsletters and articles
Search engine marketing
Trade shows
Enormous effects to young people
Stable marketing result anticipated
Relatively low cost consumption
Huge amount contract is available
Young people may not interested in the product
Low attraction to customer
Low response rate to actual visit

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