BSBMKG506B Plan Market Research Assessment11 1

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Assessment Pack TOID 21595 Assignment Coversheet Name: Student ID: Email Address: Class: Unit name: Unit Code: Assignment name: Student Declaration I declare that – a. The evidence I have submitted for assessment is my own work, and b. The evidence I have submitted for assessment has not been shared with other students, and I have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that my work cannot be accessed by other students that may seek to submit my work as their own, and c. All of the sources of information used to prepare my work have been, or may be accurately cited, and d. I retain a copy of all my original for my own records, or for resubmission if required…show more content…
The completion of the written assessment will be undertaken either in the classroom or outside the classroom and submitted to the trainer as per instructions and timeframes for the unit of competency and course schedule. Assessment are usually submitted one week after the completion of the unit of competency Assessments for observation and demonstration of essential skills will be conducted within a realistic simulated environment unless workplace specific. Where workplace specific assessors will conduct a minimum of two visits to the host employer. Timeframes for workplace practical will be as per placement agreement and industry program. The facilitator will provide information at the start of each unit relating to assessment location and submission dates. Reasonable adjustment in assessment Where students have highlighted Language, Literacy and Numeracy issues reasonable adjustment to the assessment can be made. Should you receive a ‘Not Yet Competent’ or ‘Resubmit’ result for the assessment you will be given the opportunity to re-submit your assessment work with any amendments requested by your trainer. The adjustment may include actions such as: Student demonstrating knowledge through verbal discussion to identify correct answers Student demonstrating knowledge through applied skills Allowing additional time relating to disability Through consultation amending assessment timeframes Assistance in the form of the training location to allow easier

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