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BSBMKG514A Implement and monitor marketing activities Review of implementation of the marketing strategy and tactics BBQ fun June 2009 Task 1 Executive Summary The marketing plan reviewed in this report is for BBQ fun 2009. BBQ fun aims to be e leading outdoor‐lifestyle retailer, catering to the growing need for furnishing new and renovated dwellings in the greater Brisbane area. The assortment offer of BBQs, outdoor furniture and BBQ accessories will position BBQ fun as best in class for outdoor‐lifestyle retailing. BBQ fun will reinvent the way people shop for outdoor‐lifestyle products. BBQ fun will build its reputation on offering the fullest assortment of products possible in their…show more content…
Cannon’s consultants Finances-$280000 Magazines with coupon inserts in the BrisNews magazine Design and print coupon inserts, tie up with magazine and distribute in the local area. Cannon’s consultants Finances- $150000 Communication and team building strategies Before the commencement of the project a team meeting was be held with each team member present where they were provided with a summary of the overall project action plan with the goals and objectives detailed in a schedule timetable detailing implementation and points of measures. They were also provided with detail each team member’s area and tasks of responsibility. An interactive discussion was also initiated to discuss any issues of concerns. A half an hour will be scheduled on Monday morning of each week to monitor the overall campaign progress, discuss individual tracking and highlight any unexpected issues that need attention. During the initial meeting each and every employee will be made clear of where they fit in the organisation structure, their responsibilities and accountabilities. It was decided to organise a staff party at the completion of each milestone. Strategies for monitoring marketing

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