BSBMKG603B Assessment Task 2

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Staffing support plan Submission details Candidate’s Name Candidate’s ID number Assessor’s Name Due Date Assessment Date/s Time/s Instructions to Students 1 You must accurately complete the Student Assessment Pack. 2 Your Assessor may want to discuss written answers with you to get further evidence of your understanding and to check that it is your original work 3 You need to submit Assessment Cover Sheet for each assessment. 4 You are permitted to use dictionaries and to seek support, as required. 5 Where your work has been deemed as unsatisfactory, you will be permitted to resubmit the assessment up to three times if attendance is 70 per cent and above. If, after 2 attempts to resubmit the assessment, you are still deemed NYC,…show more content…
Both your key personnel in this plan, Marie (Advertising/PR) and Tony (Website) have expressed ambitions to pursue a career in company management. You agree to help them by providing coaching and mentoring when you see attitudes, skills or knowledge levels that could help them achieve their ambitions. You have also set up a formal weekly meeting to discuss the KPI results generated from the accounting information system and their individual reports. You also use this meeting to emphasise the concept of team achievement and that financial resources should be allocated to the greatest need. You also address where they can achieve the greatest return that is in line with the marketing objectives. You make a habit of taking them on store visits so their role does not isolate them from personnel and products on the front line of the business. Another strategy you employ is to cc them on all emails that affect the whole marketing group, apart from the private and confidential correspondence. Scenario 1: Coaching and mentoring Marie achieved outstanding results in her university degree. However, her lack of ‘real world’ experience makes her uncertain and she lacks confidence to make decisions. You have agreed to be her coach and mentor. She has come to you recently for help and discussed with you a significant range of issues she wanted help with. She has often commented that having you as a coach has given her

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