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Implement and monitor WHS
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The main objective of the model Work Health and Safety Act is to:‘provide for a balanced and nationally consistent framework to secure the health and safety of workers and workplaces’. 

2. How can you ensure that WHS training is understood and implemented? (2 marks)
Undertake regular audits (internal and external) to assess the effectiveness of WHS.
Conduct an agreed schedule of workplace inspection.
Undertake audits and inspections to ensure that scheduled WHS activities occur. Provide regular reports on progress towards the health and safety performance targets outlined.
Implement a system to ensure all incidents, accidents, near-misses and hazards that occur on a Macquarie University campus are reported via the University’s online health and safety reporting system 

3. Why is Incident/accident reporting necessary (1 mark)
It is also important to record and investigate 'near-miss ' incidents to learn from mistakes and prevent workers being injured or becoming ill in future.

4. Write a policy and procedures for two of the following (4 marks)
Fire and Evacuation
When the Fire Alarm sounds, act immediately to ensure your safety. The Fire Alarm System is designed and engineered to provide you with an early warning to allow you to safely exit the building during an emergency situation.
A fire risk assessment has been undertaken which will be reviewed annually. However,
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