BSBWOR502 LEAD And Wageness

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Task 3 – Report case study 1-5
Maneka Weerasinghe – BIT0372
1. Information to be included in the memo
• Sean should clearly state what the goals and targets are in order to improve profitability and the overall growth of the company.
• Organize weekly meeting to ensure good communication between Sean and the staff. Sean should take this opportunity to discuss milestones reached and milestones yet to be reached, encourage staff opinions and feedback as well as encouraging staff to voice any concerns or issues.
• Introduce a rewards system such as nominating employee of the month for high achievers.
• Introduce routine training programs to enhance skills
• Implement a new project management software
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4. Will Sean be successful in improving the staff’s attitude towards the company and why?
Sean will only be successful if can have a balanced attitude and work ethic. Sean’s hard working attitude is excellent for his career growth. But if he does not delegate there will be no smooth flow of projects and instead people will be rushing to meet the deadline.
In order to improve staff’s attitude, the proposed reward system will surely encourage staff to work hard. Reward systems drive positive behaviour in staff as being appreciated is important to people. Encouraging open communication has many benefits and can help in making the work environment stress free and friendly.
5. Will Sean have a lot of power as a supervisor and why?
It is unsure as to what authority Sean has to manage the staff members. If Sean can change the attitude of the staff to a more positive one and is able to efficiently delegate tasks and balance the workload, staff will surely respect Sean and that respect can be viewed as
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