BSG Quiz 2 Essay

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BSG Quiz 2 Answers
The highlighted red answers are the ones that are correct. The simplest way of navigating through this document is to press find and put down a very unique quote from the question on BSG. For example to find the answer for the question below would be the find the quote “companies can expect to sell”.
Make sure it is 100% the same question and answers and you will do very well on this quiz. Some questions have similar wording and the question may be further down the document. Another way to navigate the document is via the answers. I strongly suggest though that before you actually do the quiz, just skim through the questions and familiarize yourself with the answers as there is a time limit when you actually do the quiz.
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30 of the Player’s
Guide, the company’s Return on Average Equity (the definition of ROE used in scoring company performance) in Year
12 was
16.6%. net profit/ average shareholder’s equity




None of these.

Assume a company's Income Statement for Year 12 is as follows:
Year 12
Income Statement Data

(in 000s)

Net Revenues from Footwear Sales

$ 330,000

Cost of Pairs Sold


Warehouse Expenses


Marketing Expenses


Administrative Expenses
Operating Profit (Loss)
Interest Income (expenses)
Pre-tax Profit (Loss)
Income Taxes
Net Profit (Loss)

$ 15,400

Based on the above income statement data and the formula for calculating the

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