BSHS 375 WK 1 Individual Assignment Interoperability Paper

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Lecturer’s name: | Student’s name: Identify one kind of human services organization—for example, mental health provider or foster care provider—and describe the services provided. Investigate and describe the three methods of interoperability. Discuss how each method of interoperability could be integrated into the selected organization and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. For each method, describe the backup plan should technology fail. Interoperability: Interoperability is defined as the aptitude of one system to perform work in integration with other systems without asking for several hard work and effort. Interoperability turns out to be a quality of enhancing significance for information technology to make the…show more content…
“Interoperability” is acknowledged as a national effort of technological and programmatic coordination to mitigate and even diminish those barriers. At the moment, the emergence of “interoperable technology” recommends an extraordinary opening to unite systems cross wide traditional boundaries in exciting and rewarding ways. This integration through interoperability corresponds to the cutting edge for expansion of new service models and techniques to make best use of constructive outcomes for children, families and communities. (ACF, 2013) Methods of Interoperability: There are different ways and methods to implement interoperability. Almost every organization creates its own interoperability models and methods. The three methods or models of interoperability are discussed below that are suggested and implemented by the organization under discussion to process integration. The three breakdown areas and methods of interoperability are outlined below: Information Interoperability: Knowledge management Business intelligence Information management Trusted identity Business Interoperability: Delivery networks e-Democracy e-Business Enterprise resource management Relationship and case management Technical Interoperability: IT infrastructure ( Togaf, 2013) ACF and Interoperability: The benefits of interoperability are discussed from many years relating its facilities regarding government and population. Interoperability is significant in linking health and human services to

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