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Self-Awareness Analysis Student BSHS/465 March 19, 2015 Instructor Self-Awareness Analysis An emotionally intelligent individual manages personal situations and relationships with balance and care. Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and author, believes the four domains of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and the combination of the above. When these four domains work congruently it stabilizes an individual in both work and home relationship (Goleman, 2013). A human service worker offers an effective service to the client when socially balanced and focused on developing healthy levels of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is demonstrated both in the workplace and at home by how situations…show more content…
The fourth component is the combination of the three domains working together in unison like a well-oiled machine. If self-management is neglected it certainly will not improve the ability to be empathetic, nor can it help in self-awareness, as this second component works to improve on an individual’s firm grasp of applying positive emotions under stress. It is also imperative to put these three domains together for healthy relationships to occur. These four domains also lend into social intelligence placing people together as you and I instead of I and it, and these two modes of relating to others takes the object out of how one views people. Experiencing Self-Awareness Daniel Goleman provides examples of individuals experiencing self-awareness at both work and in one’s life (Goleman, 2013). Being conscious of one’s inner world, beliefs, thoughts, and concepts are what comprise self-awareness. In one’s daily life there are situations, struggles, and trials which can impact sound judgement and resolution. Self-awareness helps the individual make healthy decisions and knowing when to ask for help to cope with an overwhelming issue. Also learning to grow through a limiting perspective to compromise with others and seek alternatives (Levine, 2013). Others may disagree with ones beliefs, decisions, and lifestyle, yet the individual can recognize feelings about those in disagreement with them and avoid unnecessary conflict. While in the work

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