BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business Organisations and Behaviour Submission Date- Word Count-

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BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business Organisations and Behaviour Submission Date- Word Count- including references LO1 Understand the relationship between organisational structure and culture 1.1 Compare and contrast different organisational structures and culture of two companies from the UK energy industry Every organisation has its own structure and culture. It may vary depending on it is mission and vision etc. In my own understanding organisation structure is based on number of people working in the organisation and their priority of work it has been designed. According greet hofsted organisation culture is “the collative programming of the mind that distinguishes the member of one organisation from other”…show more content…
1.2 - Explain how the relationship between an organisation’s structure and culture can impact on the performance of British Gas Most of the time organisation structure and culture are the very important factors for a successful business growth. For the rapid changing environment both of these factors has to have a change on it is on. For an example if there is a change in environment or economical factors the structure of the organisation has to have a change where it helps to improve the performance of the organisation. That is the same factor with organisational culture. British gas has designed the organisation structure as tall structure. It is based on the clients and the number of the staff. Most of the time tall structure has a role culture. British gas has the same because steady organisational process, long decision making. Normally when organisation have a tall structure it is followed by a role culture. A good example is British gas many levels of management hierarchy, where all the staff are given certain roles to play. This role culture expect a proper channel reporting with proper line of command. 1.3- Discuss the factors which influence individual behaviour at work Every person come from different places and different background, the languages meaning might be different from one another. The conflict
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