BTEC ICT Unit 2 P1

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Processor speed and type

A processor is also known as a CPU which stands for central processing unit, is how a computer/laptop functions and this is like the brain of the computer the better the processor is, the faster a computer works

There are many types of processors you can get these include
Single core
Dual core
Triple core
Quad core

The best processor on sale has the speed of 13.18GHz and the slowest CPU has the speed of 740Khz. The reason why you need to know the speed of the processors you have in your computer is because some programs cannot be run smoothly if the processor isn’t fast enough

Each computer needs one of these to be able to function some are faster than others. If the processor is a dual core it
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The keyboard is what we use to type and it also can be used to navigate the operating system, without needing a mouse, they can also be wired or wireless.

Output devices

We use output devices to be able to do certain things, and the difference between output and input devices are, input devices is anything that is sent into computer whereas output devices is the opposite when things are sent out and some of those output devices consist of;

A printer is an output device because data from the computer is being printed out meaning data is going out of the computer, instead of it going in.

A monitor is also another type of an output device, because the screen is displaying to you what you’re doing on the computer.

Sound as in speakers is being produced out for you to be able to hear what you want, and the way you hear these sounds from your computer is by having a sound card plugged into the
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