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The most infamous, prolific, and charming serial killer Hickey describes would be “The BTK Strangler,” who is also known as Dennis Lynn Rader. Rader had gone undetected for over a seventeen year period, who was known to consistently taunt the media and police through sending them detailed letters describing in detail his heinous crimes, similar to the Zodiac killer. Eventually, Rader vanished from the eyes of the police, as his crimes went unanswered for over a thirteen year period until Rader began to resurface again. It was his own narcissistic behavior to which eventually led to his inevitable arrest in 2005. The BTK Stangler had become quite notorious over his seventeen year killing spree for numerous reasons. Rader became known for how he would kill his victims, which…show more content…
Due to the police’s inability to and the chaos he created before his capture Rader for over seventeen years, I believe he produced an abundant amount of fear within society in comparison to other serial murders due to the fact he evaded arrest for over that time period. By evading arrest, he created an everlasting fear among our citizens, simply because they were unaware of if he would strike again. Thus by producing such an abundant amount of fear within society, and over such a long time, I believe this alone sets him apart as one of the most prolific serial killers. Rader was a fascinating individual when examining how he went about conducting his crimes. He may have not been charismatic in his way of when he addressed individuals or the police, but he did have a way with people. He was a very clever individual with how he worded his letters and how he addressed the police, to which kept him off his trail for those seventeen years. Through Rader’s skills and notoriety I truly believe he is one of the most prolific serial killers known to this

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