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HBS CASE: BUILDING A SOCIAL MEDIA CULTURE AT DELL Answers from Chenghao Zheng (Chuck) 1. Why has Dell been successful at building a social media program? Dell developed a social media program that helped solve customers’ problems, improve Dell’s reputation, and educate customers. It depended on social media to improve sales, predict trends of the market and create the better brand perception online. The company builds the business case for social media, which creates an astonishing model to reduce costs. By putting more problem-solving online, it reduces the volume of calls their customer service representatives receive. By finding trends that that might turn into big problems earlier, they can prepare solutions faster and by having more…show more content…
3. How do you explain the statistic that “social media-based sales leads were two to five times more likely to close sales than traditional leads?” Dell employees used social media tools to develop relationship with IT specialists and technology buyers. By offering advice on products and services that could be useful to these companies to solve the problems, Dell developed some social media tools that were directed at B2B customers. Its technology support forum allowed Dell B2B customers to speak with one another and with Dell to find solutions to common problems. Customers who visited this forum were likely to return to later to buy products or services, or would respond positively to salespeople. Also, the provided the customers problem updated solving content. Customers come to this content turn into sales leads. This is why “ social media-based sales leads were two to five times more likely to close sales than traditional leads”. 4. How would you use Dell’s social media experience to rebrand the company, as Michael Dell wants to do? Dell has the great social media experience and solid foundation of interacting with the customers. The company has always been training lots of the employees to become the certificated speakers to on behalf of the company. These ambassadors and all the social media platforms the company has set up (such as
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