BUS 170 Syllabus

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San José State University

School: College of Business
Department: Accounting & Finance
Course Number: BUS 170, 22449
Title: Fundamentals of Finance
Section: 1
Semester: Spring
Year: 2014
Instructor: Bahram Parineh

Office Location: BT 460

Telephone: (408) 924-3482


Office Hours:
Tu/Th 9:00am-12:00pm or by appointment

Class Days/Time:
Tu/Th 7:30-8:45am

Classroom: BBC 202

BUS 21 or BUS 122A, ECON 1A, ECON 1B and BUS 90

Course Description
The finance function and its relation to other decision-making areas in the firm; the study of theory and techniques in acquisition and allocation of financial resources from an internal management perspective.

Course Goals and Student Learning
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Students will be tested on problem solving and conceptual understanding.

% of Course Grade
First Mid Term Exam

Second Mid Term Exam 25% 25% In class Quizzes 10%
Assignments and participation 5%
Final Exam 35%

University Policies
Academic integrity
Students should know the University’s Academic Integrity Policy that is available at Your own commitment to learning, as evidenced by your enrollment at San Jose State University and the University’s integrity policy, require you to be honest in all your academic course work. Faculty members are required to report all infractions to the office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development. The website for Student Conduct and Ethical Development is available at Instances of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Cheating on exams or plagiarism (presenting the work of another as your own, or the use of another person’s ideas without giving proper credit) will result in a failing grade and sanctions by the University. For this class, all assignments are to be completed by the individual student unless otherwise specified. If you would like to include in your
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