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Kodak and Fujifilm Name Professor Business 302: Management Concepts Date The names of Kodak and Fujifilm are well known around the world. They are two companies that have made a name from photos, film, cameras and printers. They are competitors that started in the same business and took different paths. Though they shared similar products their management direction and company direction differed. The differences led one company to be successful and the other to struggle. The founder of Kodak, George Eastman, was a photography enthusiast and wanted to simplify the process of creating photos. Eastman established what was to evolve into the Kodak Company in 1880. The Kodak Company was built on four basic…show more content…
(George Eastman) The Kodak Company was undisputed in the photo industry until Fujifilm, a Japanese company, was established in 1934. Since its inception Fujifilm has become a leader in motion picture photography, audio and videotape and the floppy disc industries. The company also boasts products such as still cameras, camcorders, photofinishing equipment, paper and chemicals, imaging and information products for the office and health care markets. Fujifilm got its start with the production of motion picture film, dry plates and photographic paper. It was difficult for Fujifilm initially to develop brand recognition due to the market prevalence of the Eastman Kodak Company. Fujifilm’s quality standards were not on par with Kodak and this created a challenge to gaining any traction. Fujifilm’s plan to compete was to develop film and paper that were compatible with the processing systems used mostly worldwide. By 1969, all of their films, photo paper and chemicals completely matched these processing systems. With the concentration on the quality of its products, Fujifilm was able to develop its first film product and a motion-picture negative film which proved to consumers in Japan that Fujifilm was technically proficient and resulted in a demand for their products. Fujifilm was able to being exporting film and optical products after World War II ended, they primarily focused on South American and Asia. There was a great demand

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