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Job descriptions are a vital part of recruiting and managing employees. These written summaries of jobs ensure that applicants and current employees have clear understanding of their roles and what is expected of them in order to be held accountable. Despite the various job descriptions and posts for new hire, it is imperative that job descriptions be thoroughly written because it will help employees understand the major areas of their job or position and also help attract the right candidates for the job. In this essay, I will be writing on the components of job description with emphasis on the role of Operations Manager with careful analysis of the important facts about the job with respect to the tasks, tools and technology, knowledge, …show more content…
Once the analysis and job description for a job is complete, the next step would be to identify recruiting method to use in selecting candidates. Since recruiting is the first stage in the hiring process, it is important to attract qualified people who have the skills and experience the job demands. To do this, I will suggest that recruitment be done through job fairs and advertising.
To properly advertise a job, it is important to start by selecting the most effective job advertising medium where suitable candidate can be attracted. To recruit an Operations Manager, it will be best to place the ad on a premium job website. Once an advertising medium has been identified then the job is posted using the written job description for the position with some background information about the company.
Once candidates are identified, the next step would be to gain some valuable information about them. There are different selection methods that should be used and according to Youssef (2012), selection methods can narrow down potential candidates. The approach and selection that I would employ in hiring an Operations Manager would be through tests and interview. The idea of using tests as selection method is to assess the personality and abilities of each candidate for the jobs. The personality test is to focus on the feelings, thoughts, and behavior of candidates as they relates to the type of enthusiasm and motivation

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