BUS 346

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1.Operations managers are responsible for assessing consumer wants and needs and selling and promoting the organizations goods or services.TrueFalse 2.Often, the collective success or failure of companies operations functions will impact the ability of a nation to compete with other nations.TrueFalse 3. An example of a strategic operations management decision is the choice of where to locate.TrueFalse 4. An example of an operational operations management decision is inventory level management.TrueFalse 5. Global teams provide diversity while eliminating conflicts and miscommunication.TrueFalse 6. A House of Quality is achieved when no department in a single location has more than 15 rejects.TrueFalse 7. The term capacity refers to the…show more content…
Which of the following is not a process commonly considered in making products or delivering servicesA.continuousB.batchC.repetitiveD.job shopE.subcontracting 34. The type of processing system which is used for highly standardized products isA.continuousB.intermittentC.projectD.batchE.unit 35. Behavioral approaches to job design includeA.SpecializationB.ErgonomicsC.Job RotationD.Flow Process ChartsE.SIMO Charts 36. A major advantage of job specialization in business is increased _________.A.motivationB.opportunity for advancementC.opportunity for self-fulfillmentD.productivityE.job enrichment 37. Nearness to raw materials would be most important to a (A.grocery storeB.tax preparation serviceC.manufacturing companyD.post officeE.hospital 38. A one-hour photo processing machine in a Wal-Mart store is an example of a _________.A.micro-factoryB.downsize strategyC.diversified strategyD.lean production systemE.falling price strategy 39. A tool that is not used for quality management is ________.A.FlowchartB.HistogramC.Perato AnalysisD.RedesignE.Check sheets 40. The four dimensions of quality that are sometimes used to determine fitness for use of a product are ______.A.performance, special features, durability, and service after saleB.performance, special features, conformance, and reliabilityC.special features, conformance, reliability, and durabilityD.performance,
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