BUS 475 Sample Final Exam

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BUS/475 Sample Final Exam 1. Which of the following is NOT an element of manufacturing overhead? a.  Factory employee’s salary b.  Depreciation on the factory c.  Plant manager’s salary d.  Factory repairperson’s wages 2. What accounts are NOT classified in the current assets section of the balance sheet? a.  Cash b.  Accounts payable c.  Security deposits d.  Inventory 3. The starting point of a master budget is the preparation of the a.  cash budget. b.  sales budget. c.  production budget. d.  budgeted balance sheet. 4. What amounts are not included in Gross Margin? a.  Operating expenses b.  Sales c.  Cost of goods sold d.  Commissions…show more content…
 pareto chart. b.  line chart. c.  bar chart. d.  pie chart. e.  All are suitable 7. If two events are independent, the probability that both occur is a.  0. b.  0.50. c.  1.00. d.  The multiple of probabilities of the two events. 8. What will happen to the width of a confidence interval if the sample size is doubled, from 100 to 200? a.  It will increase. b.  It will decrease. c.  It will remain the same. d.  It will double. 9. The shape of the F distribution is a.  symmetric. b.  skewed right. c.  skewed left. d.  the same as the t distribution. 10. The French Enterprise wants to market its product, Learn French in 5-Days. It has chosen television and radio to market this product. A 1-minute television ad costs 30,000 and a 1-minute radio add costs 5,000. The French Enterprise must decide how many television ads should be purchased. What are the decision variables? a.  x1 = television channels and x2 = radio channels b.  x1 = number of French students and x2 = number of English students c.  x1 = 30,000 and x2= 5,000 d.  x1 = number of 1-minute television ads and x2= number 1-minute radio ads 11. Which of these statements is NOT true about CPM and PERT? a.  In a project, if the duration of the activities is known we use PERT, if the duration is not known we use CPM. b.  CPM and PERT have been used in scheduling construction projects. c.  The predecessors are a set of activities that
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