BUS 475 Week 4 Individual Assignment 2

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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part III
Shawn Good
October 27, 2014
Fredric Hibbler

The balance scorecard is another tool that goes along the same lines as the strength, weakness, opportunity, threat, and trend or commonly known as SWOTT. The information in this document will cover the basic aspects of the balance scorecard. The balance scorecard method will cover four main areas or quadrants and those are: shareholder value or financial perspective, customer value perspective, process or internal operations perspective, and learning and growth of the employee perspective. These four main areas or quadrants will help explain how Samsung’s new division, Customers Research and Development will be adopted
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Profit growth
2. Manage operating costs
1. Revenue growth
2. Operating costs/customer
1. Increase the division’s own profit growth by 10% each year
2. Decrease operating costs by 3% each year

Becoming the division that will create its own surplus in budget separate from Samsungs overall budget
1. The leader in customer loyalty
1. Customer ratings based on overall satisfaction
1. Increase customer satisfaction by 15% percent each year
Developing a customer loyalty rewards program within the division
1. Development of innovative services and products
2. Use cross-flow networking with the other divisions in Samsung.
3. Always communicate and educate the customer base
4. Customer Service Excellence
1. Revenue from the new division
2. Research and development meeting or exceeding goals.
3. Have a five point customer satisfaction rating scale

1. Increase research and development results by 8% each year
2. Increase customer satisfaction ratings by .5 point each year until the average is 4.5 overall for customer satisfaction rating
1. Benchmark research and development trends
2. Providing more educational outreach programs to the customer
3. Communicate with the other divisions on a continued monthly basis which will help with sharing ideas from what the customers provide to the Customer’s Research and Development division
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