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Daniel Sykes BUS1001 – Semester 1 Essay Critically discuss the extent to which Fayol’s classic analysis of the management function has largely been made redundant by the more recent empirical studies of what managers actually do, such as that favoured by Mintzberg. Intro: (89words) Management has constantly been a broad topic. Managing human resources is continuously unpredictable because we all react differently in comparable scenarios. However, for managers it is vital to be able to control an organisation efficiently, in order to exploit any opportunities open to it. Henri Fayol deliberated management back in 1916. His ideas, however, have been questioned by the more recent research of Henry Mintzberg. In this essay we will look at…show more content…
Mintzberg states the article’s intentions is ‘to break the reader away from Fayol’s words and introduce him to a more supportable, and what I believe to be a more useful, description of managerial work.’ But does this mean Fayol’s classic analysis of management has been made redundant by Mintzberg more recent studies? Analysis work: One popular view from Wren (1994) is that the work of Fayol and Mintzberg is talking about individual areas of management which are different rather than conflicting views. This could be due to the unique motivating factors from their own personal back grounds which encouraged them to talk about management. Jean-Louis Peaucelle (2012) spoke about Henri Fayol’s minor military background, as his father was posted to fulfil this military service. He speaks about how these factors motivated Fayol into pursing management. Hence, showing us that Fayol had more of a strict view on management which is followed up by the work of Dr Gordon Pearson. Dr Pearson then continues stating that Fayol’s structure and principles gave management authority to give orders and have them obeyed. Whilst workers must be soley focused on the objectives of the organisation whilst act work. Furthermore his work displays little from a social aspect of management. Henri Fayol focused on the business goals and objectives rather than its

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