BUS475 final part 2 1

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BUS/475 Capstone Final Exam part 2 Study Guide

1. The market opportunities most relevant to a particular company are those that Answer: offer the best growth and profitability.

2. Printing Equipment (NPE) produces equipment that helps to print newspapers and magazines. The company sells directly to printers and through wholesalers. Its salespeople negotiate prices with individual customers and often have to match competitors' prices. NPE has a new product, the Gutenberg NP201, with some competitive advantages now, but competitors are expected to follow quickly with similar products. The new product is being introduced into a market with elastic demand. In regard to freight charges for its equipment, NPE's invoice reads, "Seller pays
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A survey of 134 cell phone users yielded the data found in the table below. The table compares gender and type of phone.


If a customer is randomly selected based on this survey data, what is the probability that the customer is a female with an iPhone? (Round your answer to 3 decimal places).
Answer: 0.269

21. Organizational requirements to support and sustain cost leadership are
Answer: frequent, detained control reports

22. Mitch Company’s ending inventory is understated by $4,000. The effects of this error on the current year’s cost of goods sold and net income, respectively, are
Answer: overstated and understated.

23. The appropriate alternative hypothesis for a two-tail test to determine if mean body weight of all the men who have joined a health club is the same as 185 pounds would be
Answer: Ho: μ = 185 lbs.

24. Organizational requirements to support and sustain differentiation activities include which of the following:
Answer: tradition of closeness to key customers

25. Which account will have a zero balance after a company has journalized and posted closing entries?
Answer: Service Revenue

26. Suppose Stock A has had a mean price of $6.58 per share with a standard deviation of $1.88, while Stock B has had a mean price of $10.57 per share with a standard deviation of $3.02. Which stock shows a higher coefficient of variation or volatility?

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