BUS610 Week 3 Assignment Essay

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Conflict Identification and Resolution Mia A. Rapier BUS 610: Organizational Behavior Dr. Anthony Trotta September 28, 2014 Conflict is part of our human disposition; consequently, it is customary within organizations. “Left unanalyzed and unchecked, it can be a destructive force that consumes time, money and human resources. Learning the various ways that people resolve conflict and expanding their conflict resolution styles can lead to better results” (Sadri, 2012). Within organizations employees have personal beliefs, styles and attitudes, and backgrounds that at times can cause disagreements, inconsistencies and ultimately, conflict. It is the intent of this paper to examine the archetype of conflict as an…show more content…
These four levels of conflict can be addressed differently within an organization dependent on the hierarchy of the company and the respective authoritative roles of management and the human resource department. Conflicts concerning leadership within the workplace typically happen when new owners, managers or supervisors come on board at a company and enact policies different from their predecessors. For example, if first-line staff at an organization are accustomed to combining their two 15-minute breaks into their 30-minute lunch break to make it longer, with the consent of management, but under new management breaks are no longer to be combined just taken separately, conflict amongst staff may ensue. For organizations and management, “being clear from the start about any changes between the old and new leadership can help resolve much of this type of conflict” (Gaines, 2014). Personal experience regarding organizational conflict as a result of leadership will act as the example for this paper. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, workplace conflict as a result of leadership tends to occur when new staff, or staff persons in new more authoritative positions, use management styles different from their predecessors. For my example, a new property manager was hired at a building where I served in management for a different, though interrelated department.

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