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BUS650: Managerial Finance Professor Leon Daniel Jr. August 26, 2013 According to Gitman, the goal of the firm, and therefore of all managers and employees, is to maximize the wealth of the owners for whom it is being operated (2009). The financial manager is responsible for acquiring sources of financing and allocate amongst competitive investment alternatives. The ultimate goal is to invest in projects yielding higher returns than amount of financing used to invest, so profits can be used satisfy claims and increase shareholder wealth. The issues facing financial managers are therefore to 1) increase sources of financing from investors and 2) increase shareholder wealth while maintaining a…show more content…
Monopolistic competition and Oligopoly are considered imperfectly competitive markets that are a result of few to many firms offering differentiated products. Differentiation of products impede substitution, which allow producers to earn higher than normal profits and thereby enhance shareholder wealth (Byrd, J., Hickman, K., & McPherson, M., 2013). Oligopolies are highly interdependent, with actions of one firm will resulting in a reaction from another. The interdependence results in higher efficiency as a necessity to compete with rivals. According to Claessens "greater development, lower costs, enhanced efficiency and a greater and wider supply resulting from competition will lead to greater [financial] access (2009). Market power in banking, for example, may, to a degree, be beneficial for access to financing. With too much competition, banks may be less inclined to invest in relationship lending .At the same time, because of hold-up problems, too little competition may tie borrowers too much to an individual institution, making the borrower less willing to enter a relationship (Claessens, 2009). More competition can then, even with relationship lending, lead to more access. Financial managers must be aware of its firm's competition and ensure a proper balance for financial

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