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BUSI 642: Week 2 Discussion Board 1 Liberty University Discussion Board 1 In a world that is quick to state discrimination has taken place, there is a new discrimination emerging (i.e. reverse discrimination). Is this form of discrimination really discrimination? What diversity practices would you put in place to prevent any kind of discrimination? Generally speaking, discrimination is rooted in within the “cultural fabric of the United States” along the lines of “housing, employment, health, and the criminal justice system” (Camara & Orbe, 2011). Hecht (1998) describes the term, “discrimination involves the power and capacity to act followed by actual selective/targeted action against someone else emanating from one’s…show more content…
(Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2012). If this pattern continues, one would assume that a decision from the Supreme Court to back a reverse discrimination claim will eventually be upheld. Taking a step back, before reverse discrimination can happen affirmative action must first be present. Affirmative action came about, at least in the modern era, when President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 8802 “requiring defense contractors to pledge nondiscrimination in employment in government-funded projects” (Affirmative action, n.d.). However, it was not until President Kennedy issued Executive Order 10925 that affirmative action started to take real shape. This order required “not only that federal contractors pledge non-discrimination but that they ‘take affirmative action to ensure’ equal opportunity, that the now-fractious phrase came into popular discourse. Kennedy's order also included penalties -- including suspension of a contract -- for non-compliance” (Affirmative action, n.d.). In 1972, affirmative action changed yet again in response to the large number of disabled Vietnam Veterans. The Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1972 “was amended a year later to require federal agencies and contractors to take affirmative action in employment and promotion for people with disabilities... Affirmative action was understood to be the creation of opportunities to compete and not an assurance of outcome or success

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