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Chapter 3 Controlling Processes Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following is NOT a problem commonly found when monitoring? a) Organizations collect data that are easily gathered b) Gathered data are not the most important to reach the organization’s goals c) There is an undue emphasis on measuring objective output performance d) Inputs measurements are used as a proxy for output completion Answer: c Difficulty: Hard Response: Page 96 Reference: Monitoring and Control 2. In this stage of operational effectiveness, organizations use core capabilities residing in the operations area to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage. a) Stage 1, internally supportive b) Stage 2, externally neutral c) Stage 3, internally supportive d) Stage 4,…show more content…
Which of the following is NOT a step in constructing control charts? a) Initial samples of the process to be monitored need to be taken b) Means and ranges for the samples must be calculated c) Deriving the means by the ranges previously calculated d) Graphing sample means and ranges chronologically Answer: c Difficulty: Hard Response: See pages 108-112 Reference: Process Control 12. Which of the following distributions can best represent the number-of-defects c chart? a) Dichotomous b) Poisson c) Binomial d) Chi square Answer: b Difficulty: Hard Response: See pages 112 Reference: Process Control 13. Which of the following characteristics makes it EASIER to measure the quality of a service, relative to that of a product or facilitating good? a) Service portions are abstract, rather than concrete b) Service portions are transient, rather than permanent c) Service portions are psychological, rather than physical d) None of the above characteristics make it easier to measure service quality Answer: d Difficulty: Hard

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