BWTA Event Planning: Harvard Environmental Health Issues Assessment

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Harvard Environmental Health Issues Assessment Identification of the Potential Environmental Health Issues Associated with the Event The planned BWTA event is relatively small, as far as events are concerned. However, the site chosen for the event has several concerns, even though the event is small by most standards. The event will take place from Friday to Sunday in August. The main event is on Saturday, and will include tractor related competitions. 75 members are expected to camp for the entire weekend and it is expected that nearly 400 members of the public will attend the event on Saturday. Residents have complained in the past regarding issues with the event. This analysis will assist in the development of a plan to mitigate the environmental and health related concerns surrounding the event. The site is located near the town of Much Ado in Fresh Borough Council. The event will take place on two fields dedicated to activities and one field for camping. Temporary Event Notices have been obtained to hold the event. Several of the concerns regarding the site are applicable to most outdoor events. These include licensing and cleanliness of food vendors, fire concerns, and waste disposal concerns. However, several concerns have been raised by local residents based on the results of the event in the past. Residents have complained about noise, sanitation, dog fouling and drunkenness by event goers. The site itself lends to the problem of traffic congestion due to

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