Essay on Ba365 Intro to Operations Management

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BA365 Intro to Operations Management

Question 1

a) A hospital emergency room averages 50 patients per shift. A shift is 8 hours long, and the average patient requires 20 minutes in the exam room.

8*60/20 =24 would equal the number of patients for a 8 hour shift

Average number of patients=50

b) Discuss whether you think a 30% capacity cushion is appropriate for a hospital emergency room. What factors would consider when setting this cushion?

A 30%cushion the number of room required would equal (50(1+0.3)/24) =50*1.3/24=2.7 =>3 rooms

1 room would be required to maintain the 30% capacity cushion.

Question 2

a). Determine how many cash registers the restaurant should have
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Do you think that Kroger ships directly from the factories to its individual stores? Or does it ship products to an intermediate distribution center and from there to its stores? With 25 years in logistics with the military, I feel I could truthfully say they have a central distribution center that services different regions. Most major chains stores function this way for accountability and processing orders. These type centers are use do support a specific region this cuts down on the cost for shipment and again proper accountability. This would help to provide a faster turnaround of the products I know with my job and the current technology we have our automated system can now order as a product moves off the shelf. By doing this a local distribution center will receive our shortages and will backfill on monthly bases. With a supermarket like Kroger’s it could backfill daily. It is easier for the transportation facility to ship goods to stores within the region. Distributions centers can cut out a lot of confusion; there are different buyers and demand for each section in the supermarket. However there will be special type products like bread, and soft drinks, that will come straight from the manufacturer due to demand and shelf life the manufacture has placed on them..

How should Kroger treat these facilities? Should they be exclusive to Kroger, or should they provide sales to other retailers? How does this affect forecasting?

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