Bab Aziz

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Sufism is an avenue within the soul that whispers to those in humanity who hunger for an impending intimacy with God, a prosperous interior essence, and a reserve of spiritual customs that give it depth and meaning. With Sufism’s wealthy mixture of esoteric poetry, their divergent composition, their divine morality, and their innumerable, musical treasures, their mystical life is portrayed. This visually captivating film, recorded in Tunisia and Iran, displays a multi-leveled glance of Sufism, the mystical expression of Islam. Bab'Aziz hypnotizes with its alluring and philosophical depictions of the passion that animates their communication with the Beloved, with the world, and with our neighbors.
The direction of the heart is tangible in Bab'Aziz, a blind dervish who intimately recognizes the desert and its bountiful rigor and delicacies. Bab'Aziz is a splendid representation of the Sufi adab, a
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Although Bab’Aziz does not realize, Bab’Aziz is completely conscientious to everything that goes on around in the current surroundings. Bab’Aziz is not connected to belongings or concerned about the speculations of others. At a certain moment, Ishtar recognizes a troupe of pilgrims going towards one direction and decided to track the troupe but Bab’Aziz assures Ishtar that each person or group is required discover his or her distinct route to the conference and that help was not a valid option to provide to them.
Bab'Aziz even embodies Rumi's interpretation of death as a marriage day. Bab’Aziz contemplates that both life and death are legacies. As well as, at the end of the film when the society of mystics congregate, all the dervishes who send up their dances and their songs to the Beloved believe this same ritual as Bab’Aziz and Rumi follow; they are united amongst these powerful and inspirational views from the Sufi
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