Babe Ruth. Biography

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Babe Ruth “I won't be happy until we have every boy in America between the ages of six and sixteen wearing a glove and swinging a bat.” - Babe Ruth. George Herman Ruth Jr. this man was born onto this earth on February 6, 1895, and Passed away on August 16, 1948(Schumach). This man is an American icon first, and a baseball legend last. Babe single handedly changed the way of Baseball and how It was played. He rescued the game from the dark days of the dead ball era. Babe’s great deeds on the field weren’t recognized that easily. He needed the help of sportswriters and advertisers to spread his legend across America. Ruth was a hero in the eyes of the America. Ruth was the perfect reflection of the affluence and over consumption of the…show more content…
Later in his life he had a distinct polish of character that he never had earlier in his life. No matter what he made himself show apart of the ball field(Schumach). Babe was a born showman on and off the field. He had such a blending of qualities of an American hero that he was a figure in American life. All of the fame brought babe into a clouded mind set. Money over took his life as fast as he was spending it. In 1921 he had drawn $20,000 and the following season he signed a five-year contract at $52,000 a season (Varni). In addition to this he was collecting royalties on all sorts of ventures. Money to him was nothing more than entertainment. He gambled recklessly and lost a lot of his money. Babe’s spending habits were being noticed. His love for the game was never faded but the cloud of fame, with the money and entertainment, practicing became a chore in his daily routine. No matter where Babe Ruth was, be it on the diamond or of the diamond, the fans respected him, forgetting his flashy ways and brash behavior. Ruth helped socialize and bring together all Americans, sports lovers, baseball lovers and non sports lovers alike. Fans were able to participate in Sunday baseball and it grew to become a more democratic and a larger spectator sport. Because of Babe, baseball remains the national pastime with a strong sense of competition. Baseball, to the perspective of any

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