Babe Ruth, Charles Lindbergh, and Heny Ford: Heros of the 1920's

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The economic and social change era was during the 1920’s. With the war ending in 1918 American’s began to worry less allowing people more time to enjoy themselves. During the 20’s, America was also building the economy back up that had been damaged during World War 1.
The 20’s was a time that Americans enjoyed spending that extra time doing many activities. One of American’s favorites was watching baseball games, to be more specific the world’s greatest baseball player at the time, Babe Ruth. Since the war ended it allowed people to let their minds wander and to let their creative sides come out and invent things. Among these new inventers, Henry Ford’s invention had to have been one of the most influential in the 1920’s. Along with the inventors and professional baseball players, many other people in the 1920’s had great aspirations and goals. One of these people went by the name of Charles Lindbergh. Although these three men are diverse in race, personality, interests, and careers, they all share one major thing in common. They all represented some part of the American ideal. These three men brought America together as whole. Reaching their own dreams and goals inspired the U.S citizen’s to dream big and never give up. For this, they are considered heroes.
George Herman also referred to as Babe Ruth, The Great Gambino, and The Suitan of Swat influenced the game of baseball greatly. This man, being six foot, two inches high and weighing two hundred and fifteen pounds
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