Babe Ruth Essay

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In 1927, Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees changed the face of baseball by setting numerous records and being arguably one of the greatest baseball teams of all-time. Behind the outstanding play of Babe Ruth, teammate Lou Gehrig was also performing at an amazingly high level but was shadowed by Ruth’s legendary season. Lou Gehrig’s play that season started to declined though due to his concern for his mother while she was in surgery. “His heart wasn’t in the game. All he could think about was his beloved momma” (Bryson 778). And with Lou Gehrig’s decline that season, the spotlight was on Babe Ruth and his legendary season that players today cannot even match. Babe Ruth was having a historic season and was seen as an icon across the…show more content…
Babe Ruth ended up hitting his fifty-ninth home run off of a Paul Hopkins pitch, and years later in a Sports Illustrated interview, Paul Hopkins said that Ruth “. . . swung, breaking his wrists as he came through it.” which shows how bad he wanted it just to get his 59th home run, putting him one away from the record. On September 30th, 1927, Babe Ruth hit the legendary sixtieth home run against pitcher Tom Zachary. While Ruth and everyone in the stadium was excited, Ruth’s teammates were not. According to Pete Sheehy, the team equipment manager at the time, “No one expected Ruth to stop at 60. It was assumed that he would hit at least one more the next day, and possibly reach even greater heights in years to come” (Bryson 782). With such a historic season, Babe Ruth did not hit any more home-runs that year and the record was set at sixty. The New York Yankees won 110 games during the 1927 season and broke many records along with Babe Ruth. Ruth’s legendary record held for 34 years until Roger Moris broke it by hitting sixty-one home-runs due to a “. . . longer season, which gave him 10 more games and 50 more at-bats than Ruth in 1927” (Bryson 783). Babe Ruth’s 1927 season was so legendary that even players today who are “. . . taking anabolic steroids” (Bryson 783) cannot do what the Babe Ruth did that year. “The use of drugs as an aid to hitting is far beyond the scope of this book, so let us just note in passing
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