Babel Movie Analysis

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A movie highlighting societies’ issues, personal to political, that one faces from lack of knowing how to cross-communication throughout a variety of cultures. The film Babel, written by Guillermo Arriaga and directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, depicts the failures of communication and the realistic effects that it has within certain cultures. The film reveals four different cultures: Middle Eastern, Hispanic, American, and Asian. The film expresses each character struggles with not only articulating their concerns but assertion problems they are facing thus making each one feel powerless in their strives. With the director focusing on quick judgement calls made by each character, he attempted to visualize the long-lasting holdings…show more content…
She an older woman, in her 50s-60s, most would assume that she is harmless, but because of what the different cultures association with Mexican citizens, she is automatically seen has a criminal by the border control. In the scene, when she is trying to cross the border to return home, they are held up because of the white children with her. When trying to explain how she was their “aunt” the officer took the for fact, instead of what viewing the term has in its informal meaning of being an unrelated older woman, epically to children. () This simple miss communication almost cost the lives and safety of the children. This specifically highlights the problem with US/Mexico border, and the lack order within. This woman represents the rose-colored glass and the judgment that society puts on because of one’s race.
As well as, the idea of different social classes was an issue hinted at throughout the film through the American couple. The director uses an American, middle to upper class and white, couple, demonstrates the bias Americans have towards other cultures. In the very beginning, wife displays her disgust with the people but not drinking the water because of the fear is contaminated. The water represents the people who she views as dirty that
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