Babies Can T Wait: A Case Study: Child Health

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After researching the topic on “Child Health” One resource that will impact the learning is “Babies Can’t Wait”. This program is very important for families because it help families meet their needs when it can’t be met. It’s for children that have developmental delays to help them get to where they need to get to their potential.
They also help toddlers and babies that have some chronic conditions. It does screenings on the children that have delays. The parents have rights to accept or decline whatever service for their child. Whatever files on their child they have the right to request that they be kept private and confidential. Whenever a meeting about their child health or condition their have they can request to be present. So really this is a really good program that all families should want to get more information on, and to be part of. Families need this type of service. This program gives parents choices about their child health and their well-being.
This program does Multidisciplinary evaluation to determine eligibility and multidisciplinary assessments to determine the scope of services needed. It assists families and other professionals in developing a plan to enhance their child’s development. These two services are free to parents (DPH).
The next resource is “Maternal and Child Health Screen”. This
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This service is for children and families that become eligible that needs medical and health services this service arranges or set-up the dates and time and pays for the service that is rendered such as a physical, diagnostics tests, if any operation or surgery is needed they also pays for that or even if they need to be hospitalized, they pays for medications that is needed, and other treatments that is needed. They pay for any hearing impairment or equipment needed also. This program is like insurance but only it’s free for eligible families. This program has helped over 8,000 Georgia children
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