Babies: Emergence Or Negligence?

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Once a baby is old enough to have control of his or her body, with an upright head and a relatively strong neck to support head movements, placing him or her in a baby activity jumper is a great idea to continuously support correct physical development. The age that babies would usually be ready for this device is around at least four to five months old. Some parents might think that placing a baby in such a device might actually impede his or her development. It might make the baby reliant on a device and might not encourage him or her to stand up properly. On the contrary, activity saucers or jumpers are a more widely acceptable and encouraged device to help prepare babies to stand on their own. Babies are able to explore their body movements and capabilities freely without necessarily being held by an adult. Standing up on their own would also naturally lead to their ability and confidence to walk when the time comes.…show more content…
Of course, parents should always only purchase devices or toys that are manufactured and sold by reputable companies, stores and brands. There are actually two types of jumpers. One is a doorway type, which is hung from the doorframe of a suitably large door or hallway inside the house. This type of jumper is safe as long as the straps as properly attached and fastened, of course. An adult should make sure that the proper instructions are followed as to the proper installation of this type of
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