Essay on Babies Movie Analysis

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Different but Equal One-hundred pennies looks, feels, and weighs a lot different than a one dollar bill, yet they are for sure equal in the end. The pennies are different in so many ways from the bill but they both are going to equal or become the same thing whether it is an ice-cream cone or a cheap toy. The same goes for babies, babies from all parts of the world grow up in different societies and cultures. They do have unequal things about their infant worlds, such as having or not having a playground or having little food or a bunch of food. Through all these differences there is still one equal and same objective, to raise the baby so that it can survive in the culture or place it will grow up in. In the movie Babies there are…show more content…
The African and American cultures are also very unequal when looked at plainly. African babies grow up with almost no education besides maybe learning how to hunt or gather on a small scale. An American baby grows up around books and is required by law to go to school. Both babies are raised to be successful in there society. An African child does not need to be educated in such a simple society where their work is to just to survive and live off of nature and surviving to them is very successful. The American child will grow up in a super complex society where they will need a high education to be successful. What this all says about humans is that we have many different cultures and societies and they are all equal. The reason these cultures or societies are still here today is because they all work. They are all simple or complex enough to the point where they survive. The amount of money one African family has compared to an American family does not matter because that is there way of life and both families enjoy their way of life. The societies are both equal in success because success is not weighed in money or power it is weighed by the people who live comfortably in there society. To realize all of this through a Marxists lens is hard. Because when people look at Africa’s remote society with a Marxist lens they compare it to modern areas just by looking at the surroundings and the objects that they have. Most people with
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