Babson College

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I feel the answer to this question is in the actual question itself. The allure I see in Babson College is how the have broken the mold in business, they don't just think from one aspect but they combine society with economy. This union is what I find most excites me about Babson.

To start, the majority of universities that give business have the same base, I find a sense of almost monotomy when researching other colleges. They differ and vary in some areas but down in the structure, the heart of the model of their business school, most are either the same or extremely similar. Babson stands out to me because of their uniqueness at the root, not its branches.

Following, I would say defining myself is one of the hardest feats I've attempted to accomplish,after long and gruesome reflecting this is what resulted. I am not a perfect being or student, however I attempt to do the most with what I am given. I love results, I love music and I've experienced a great change throughout the years, most notably since I entered 10th grade. I'd say the reason for that sudden change is that in my country universities only count grades from 10th grade onwards and from that point forward school's importance sunk in the following years I acquired a 4.0 GPA on my school's hardest available curriculum.
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My mind is made up that I'll do everything I can to attend, freshman, later year transfer or on my MBA, it doesn't matter. Ever since I learned about Babson from a facebook post from a friend a year ago, he got accepted to the university and I didn't know what Babson was so I looked it up and I fell in love. My friend didn't attend, an action for which I'll admit I nearly killed him, but I learned about Babson from him so I owe him
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